Descubre el Rucking: La Antigua Técnica Militar que Revoluciona tu Rutina de Ejercicio

Discover Rucking: The Ancient Military Technique That Revolutionizes Your Exercise Routine

In the constant search for a healthy lifestyle and a slim figure, we find ourselves exploring various forms of exercise, from the popular running to high-intensity cardiovascular activities. But what if we told you that an ancient military technique could be your perfect ally in this mission? Today, on the Wabiks blog, we dive into the world of rucking , and how our sports socks can be your best companion on this adventure.
October 10, 2023
La importancia de la transpiración: Cómo los Wabiks te ayudan a mantener tus pies secos.

The importance of perspiration: How Wabiks help you keep your feet dry.

When we think about sports equipment, we often focus on sneakers, t-shirts, and pants. But what about the socks? Although they may seem like an afterthought, sports socks play a crucial role in the health and comfort of your feet, especially when it comes to breathability.
October 02, 2023
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Diferencias entre los Wabiks y Calcetines Normales

Differences between Wabiks and Normal Socks

We know that motivation is something very personal and that it is not something that you have every day, but that does not mean that there are no reasons to get up and meet your daily goals. We want to give you some advice so that on those days when you do not get motivation, it will be easier for you to do what corresponds to you.

August 18, 2023


Many times we underestimate post-workout exercises and avoiding them can cause injuries and damage to muscles. We want to talk about the importance of warm-up and cool-down routines in your sports practice.
August 11, 2023


At Wabiks, we know how important it is for you to maintain optimal energy levels during your workouts. That's why we bring you an easy and delicious recipe for oatmeal...
July 17, 2023


If you have used special sports socks, you know that they can last much longer than a cotton sock, and for this very reason, they must be cared for differently. If you want your socks to have a long lifespan, keep reading.
July 10, 2023
Los 5 mejores ejercicios para fortalecer pies y tobillos

The 5 best exercises to strengthen feet and ankles

If you are a runner, one of the questions you have probably asked yourself is "Why am I not going faster? Is it a matter of lack of rhythm? Maybe...
July 04, 2023
Consejos para elegir las zapatillas perfectas

Tips for choosing the perfect shoes

When it comes to physical activity, choosing the right footwear is critical for optimal performance and injury prevention. In this article we will give you several tips to select the...
June 26, 2023
Beneficios de la Sandía para la salud

Health benefits of watermelon

From hydration to better training performance, the benefits of this fruit are very diverse, since it is highly composed of water; 92% water, to be exact! Whether you try the...
June 20, 2023
La importancia del descanso cuando haces deporte

The importance of rest when you do sports

If you usually train constantly, whether professionally or not, not resting can affect your performance and, above all, your health, overloading your muscles and increasing the probability of injury.

Here are some reasons why it's important to take rest days:

June 12, 2023
Consejos para cuidar de tus pies mientras haces deporte

Tips to take care of your feet while doing sports

Keeping your feet healthy and protected is essential to enjoy our physical activities to the fullest. On this occasion, we will share practical tips to care for and protect your feet during sports.
June 08, 2023
Beneficios de entrenar descalzo

Benefits of training barefoot

Barefoot or barefoot training can be an excellent way to improve your performance and physical health. However, it is essential to remember that foot protection and care are also vital. Wabiks sports socks allow you to get the best of both worlds: the benefits of barefoot training and the protection and comfort your foot needs.
June 01, 2023