Discover the secrets of your favorite characters in our sports socks from the geek universe.

Have you ever imagined wearing a little magic on your feet?

When we think of geeky sports socks , we imagine more than just a simple accessory for sports. We imagine a door to worlds full of adventures and mysteries. Would you like to know more about Batman, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, and Rick and Morty, and how these icons can accompany you in your daily activities in style and comfort? Keep reading and discover how every step you take can be loaded with fascinating stories and, why not, a little magic.

Curiosities You Didn't Know About Batman

  1. Gotham City : The name Gotham City was inspired by the writers of Batman after they found the term in a telephone directory for New York.
  2. Origin of the Batcave : The Batcave appeared a year after the hero's first appearance.
  3. Bruce Wayne Inspiration : The character is inspired by the industrialist Howard Hughes and Robert the Bruce, a Scottish nobleman.
  4. Bat-signal in real life : In 2015, Los Angeles projected the Bat-signal in honor of Adam West, after his death.

Magic at Your Feet with Harry Potter

  1. Dobby has a day off : May 31st is Dobby the Free Elf Day.
  2. Platform 9 3/4 : The idea came from JK Rowling's childhood memories.
  3. Quidditch : It was invented after an argument with her then boyfriend.
  4. Meaningful Names : Many characters have names that reflect their attributes, such as Severus Snape.

The Strength of Dragon Ball in Your Steps

  1. Goku's real name : His real name is Kakarot, a deformation of "carrot".
  2. Inspiration of the Saiyans : They are based on the myth of the werewolf.
  3. Vegeta and his planet : The name comes from "vegetable".
  4. Senbei Norimaki : Goku meets this character from another Akira Toriyama series.

Intergalactic Adventures with Rick and Morty

  1. The origin of the series : It began as an animated parody of "Back to the Future."
  2. Rick's Burp : It is improvised by Justin Roiland during recordings.
  3. Infinite Dimensions : The creators use the multiverse to explore various scenarios.
  4. Mr. Meeseeks : He was created to explore the idea of ​​existence with a single purpose.

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May 24, 2024 — Ruben Muñoz Hernandez