When it comes to physical activity, choosing the right footwear is critical for optimal performance and injury prevention. In this article we will give you several tips to select the right shoes according to the sport you practice. Plus, we'll highlight how Wabiks can complement that choice to give you an even better experience.

Let's get started!

  1. Know your needs: Each physical activity requires a specific type of footwear. Before making a purchase, consider the type of sport or exercise you do most often. Is it running, hiking, tennis, or gym workout? Understanding your needs will help you look for specific features in footwear.

  2. Support and stability: Sports shoes should provide good support for your feet and a stable base. Look for shoes that offer a snug fit around the heel and midfoot, providing stability and preventing excessive movement. Also, make sure they have a good support system, such as laces or Velcro closures, to fit them properly.

  3. Adequate cushioning: Depending on the physical activity you do, you will need different levels of cushioning in the shoe. For example, runners need greater shock absorption compared to those who play side court sports like tennis. Look for shoes with a cushioned midsole that provides a good level of shock absorption to protect your joints.

  4. Flexibility and natural movement: Sports shoes must allow natural movement of the foot and good flexibility. Make sure the shoes have a sole that flexes easily in the toe box, which will make it easier to move during physical activity. This is especially important in sports such as functional training or dance.

  5. Consider your foot type: Each person has a unique foot structure. If you have a high arch, you can look for shoes with additional arch support for stability. If you have a low arch, you may need shoes with more cushioning. Also, if you have a specific condition, such as flat feet or bunions, it is advisable to consult with a shoe specialist to find options adapted to your needs.

Finally, complement with the Wabiks, specifically designed to provide comfort, breathability and additional support during physical activity. Choosing the right socks with your sports shoes will improve moisture absorption, avoiding rubbing and blisters, and providing a feeling of comfort on your feet.

June 26, 2023 — Ruben Muñoz Hernandez