Hello family!

Today we want to talk about a fundamental part of our body that often goes unnoticed: our feet!

Keeping your feet healthy and protected is essential to enjoy our physical activities to the fullest. On this occasion, we will share practical tips to care for and protect your feet during sports.

  1. Choose the right socks: A key factor in keeping your feet healthy is choosing the right socks. Opt for athletic socks made from breathable materials that help keep your feet dry and prevent moisture buildup. Also, look for those that provide good padding in high-impact areas, like the heel and toe, to protect your feet from potential chafing and blisters.

  2. Correct fit and size: It is essential that the socks fit correctly on your feet. Choose the right size to avoid bunching or creasing, which can cause irritation and chafing. Make sure the socks fully cover your feet and fit snugly around the heel and arch. A good fit will help prevent blisters and injuries.

  3. Keep your feet clean and dry: Before and after physical activity, be sure to wash your feet with warm water and mild soap. Dry them completely, paying special attention to the spaces between the fingers, since humidity can lead to the appearance of fungus. Also, if your feet tend to sweat excessively, you can apply talcum powder or absorbent powder to keep them dry during exercise.

  4. Take care of your nails: Keep your toenails trimmed and clean to avoid problems such as ingrown toenails or trauma. Cut your nails straight, avoiding rounding the edges too much, and use a quality nail clipper. Also, avoid painting your nails before intense sports activity, as the polish can cause increased humidity and weaken the nails.

  5. Stretches and exercises for the feet: Performing exercises and stretches specifically for the feet can help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Consider including exercises such as toe stretching, ankle flexion and extension movements, and using a massage ball to relieve tension in your daily routine.

Our feet take us where we want to go and are essential in our sporting life. Choosing the right sports shoes is essential to prevent injuries and improve your performance. Make sure it provides support, cushioning, and a proper fit.

Follow these tips to keep them healthy and enjoy your physical activities to the fullest. Also, don't forget to complement your choice with quality sports socks that provide additional comfort and support.

June 08, 2023 — Ruben Muñoz Hernandez