Customized SOCKS

Create your sports socks with your own design, we make socks for all kinds of businesses and events.

    Customize your socks

    Sports socks with SoftAir+ technology, reinforced toe and heel with the design of your choice. 

    Customizable socks

    The Wabiks that you like so much now also with the personalized design for your training.

    Personalized socks for events and companies

    All kinds of designs in your socks for sporting events, crossfit boxes, gyms and all kinds of companies or events.

    Frequent questions

    What do we need?

    In order to help you with the design of your Wabiks, we need you to send us as much information as possible (reference images, logos, colors, fonts, prints…). The more detailed it is, the easier and faster we can finish your Wabiks. Remember that this service is free and what we do is help you with the design, if you need a design from scratch with the help of a designer/illustrator, that service is charged to part.

    What is the delivery time?

    Times for custom Wabiks may vary depending on the complexity of the design. As we mentioned before, the more details you provide us with, the faster we can prepare them. Even so, the average time is 10 -15 business days.

    How are our sizes?

    To provide a much more personalized service, we have three sizes:

    S – 35/38 M – 39/42 L – 43/46

    ¿Cuales son nuestros precios?

    The price of personalized Wabiks is €19.95 (VAT included). If you need more units for a club, gym, box, group, etc., contact us because the cost will vary depending on the units requested.